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Joe’s Picks launched in July 2022 and we are the hottest handicapping site around! If you want to bet thoroughbred horses for big winnings read below and get in on the action.

Get hand-crafted thoroughbred racing “Picks” four days a week,

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The System

My theory is that you should bet horses that are 8/5 or higher when you're at least 70% confident the favorite is weak. Think about it… Bet five races for 100 bucks on the favorites and at least two of the five races have to come in 8-5 just to break even. If you are betting 4-1 or higher, you only have to hit one race to make your money back. If the odds are higher, you are already in the profit. With this mindset, if you can manage to hit 2 out of 5 races, you are always making good money. Hit more, then you’re having a real good day, and that happens more often than you would think.

I do 40 hours plus of research on breeding, workouts, jockey performance, and practically every other aspect of thoroughbred racing, so I can spot the weak favorites for you and provide a horse that has the best value potential.

This formula works and will surpass what your investment will be. With a long-term approach, this system never fails.

I hope that you are willing to take the ride with me because I promise you it will bring you rewards. Whether you join me or not, I guarantee I will be making the same bets I’m recommending.

Proudly supporting:

The Injured Jockeys Fund and The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation with every membership.

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